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Public Processes

How Does Public Place go from a Vacant Site to a Mixed-Use Development?

The Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP)

The New York City Charter requires all discretionary City land use approvals to undergo a 7-month long public review process known as the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).  Therefore, Gowanus Green will go through ULURP review because it involves: disposition of City-owned property; changes in zoning district; changes to the City Map (including mapping new public streets); and special permits to allow the site to be developed in accordance with the Gowanus Green plan. There will be at least three public hearings on the Gowanus Green project as part of the official ULURP process, at which presentations of the proposed project will be made and members of the public will be able to speak, as described below.

How Do We Know what the Development’s Environmental Impact Will Be?

Environmental Review

The project requires governmental approvals and will undergo New York City’s public review process, which includes ULURP and CEQR review.

How do we actually put Gowanus Green on the map?

Changing the City Map

The Gowanus Green development requires that some changes be made to the City Map. Some of the proposed changes to the City Map that are requested for Gowanus Green include the creation of a new public street in the extension of Luquer Street toward the Canal, and a new street parallel to Smith Street, called Canal Street.

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