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Welcome to Gowanus Green

At the heart of the Gowanus Green development is a commitment to sustainable, affordable housing and community open space that celebrates the history and uniqueness of the Gowanus Canal.

Gowanus Green will feature a mix of eight residential buildings, ground floor neighborhood retail space, waterfront open space, a City-owned park, and a waterfront community facility. The development is tied together by an integrated landscape and stormwater system and a series of educational features that support and celebrate the revival of the Gowanus waterfront.

Open Space

Gowanus Green is first and foremost defined by its thoughtfully designed network of open spaces - over 50% of the total site area is programmed for landscaping, parks, and other recreational uses. All open spaces will be linked by yards, greenways, bike lanes, and landscaped stormwater collection swales. Highlights of Gowanus Green open spaces include:

  • Canal Park – Accessible from two distinct locations, this 1.3 acre City-owned park along the Gowanus Canal features an undulating lawn perfect for Frisbee, sunbathing and picnics, and many other activities. At the north end of the Park, children and adult visitors can enjoy educational and cultural programming in an outdoor amphitheatre adjacent to the community facility building. The residential buildings that frame the park will contain public uses on the ground floors, such an art gallery and restaurant. Bordering each building are expansive ground floor terraces provide ample shade and seating as the pedestrian transitions from one area to the next throughout the Park
  • Swale Trail – a wealth of shrubs and plantings along Luquer Street will serve to slow the movement of stormwater collected on the site’s roofs, open spaces, and private streets, naturally cleaning it prior to it’s meeting the Canal. The Swale Trail will culminate in Canal Park, forming a stream that will go underneath a pedestrian bridge and expand into a meditation garden near the Canal edge
  • Rain Garden – a plaza garden at the center of the site provides a play area for children as well as beautiful landscaping and seating areas for people of all ages to enjoy.

Other open space features include streets lined on both sides by trees, bike lanes, a pedestrian promenade along the Canal, and green roofs and terraces on each building.

Affordable Housing

Gowanus Green has achieved an impressive quantity and depth of residential affordability. Gowanus Green includes affordable homeownership units and rental apartments, including 120 units of affordable senior housing. Seventy percent of the units will be permanently affordable to households with incomes between 30% and 130% of Area Median Income (AMI). Community ownership and management of the affordable rental units by Fifth Avenue Committee ensures that these units will remain affordable for generations to come. Approximately 774 units will be distributed among eight buildings.

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Design

Gowanus Green is committed to environmentally sustainable building and design practices that will enhance environmental quality for its residents and for the greater Gowanus community. A selection of the project goals are:

  • LEED certification for each building
  • Becoming a pioneering project for the new LEED Neighborhood Development Program
  • Green roofs and planted terraces
  • Enhancing Gowanus Canal water quality through natural stormwater filters such as the Swale Trail bioswale and other innovative stormwater management features

Recreational and Educational Features

Gowanus Green’s design will facilitate opportunities for community residents to come together in their own back yard. Some examples of recreational and educational opportunities available at Gowanus Green include:

  • Waterfront community facility for local outdoor and environmental groups
  • Outdoor amphitheater to be utilized as an outdoor classroom and entertainment venue by local educational and cultural groups
  • Arts programming in the park, including sculpture installations by local artists

Community Retail Integration

Gowanus Green Partners will seek to bolster the development and retention of small businesses and artists that call South Brooklyn home. Retail and community facility spaces may include:

  • Wellness Center retail: A grouping of retail vendors along Smith Street with a focus on fitness, healthful eating, and physical health
  • A weekly farmers’ market
  • Daycare
  • Plant Nursery
  • Art Gallery
  • Bicycle Shop
  • Bar / Restaurant

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