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Environmental Remediation &
Coordination With National Grid

Because of the site’s history as a manufactured gas plant, an extensive cleanup is required. National Grid (formerly KeySpan Energy) is responsible for environmental remediation of the site, which is being conducted under the oversight of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC). KeySpan began the investigation of the site leading towards its remediation in 2000 under a voluntary agreement with NYS DEC.  In August of 2008, the site was admitted to the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Brownfield Cleanup Program.

Gowanus Green Partners stands with the community, elected officials, City officials, and NYS DEC in advocating that the remediation at Public Place must be to a level that allows for safe residential development.   The Gowanus Green development team and our consulting team of environmental engineers and attorneys are working with National Grid to integrate protective measures into the project’s design.   We will also advocate to ensure that the timing and scope of the cleanup work is managed to minimize community noise and traffic issues. The NYSDEC will approve the design for the construction and implementation of the remedial measures, monitor the remedial activities on the site and ensure that the restrictions that will be put in place are maintained.  Residential occupancy will not be permitted until the remediation is deemed complete by the NYS DEC and the New York State Department of Health.

To learn more about National Grid’s remediation work at the Citizens/Public Place site, please visit

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